La Mandamás: Katarina Konow

Foto: Instagram Katarinakonow

Cada semana en La Kalle destacamos con una nueva galería de fotos a una mujer que por su belleza se merezca el título de 'la mandamás'.

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De origen sueco, la hermosa Katarina Konow es nuestra mandamás de la semana.


La modelo rubia se ha dado a conocer en redes sociales, no solo por sus sensuales fotografías, sino por el curioso método de entrenamiento que tiene para mantener su tonificado cuerpo.


En un reciente video compartido en YouTube, Katarina muestra su fuerza levantando en sus hombros a su hermana Cassandra mientras hace algunas sentadillas.



“Esto es lo que mi hermana y yo hacemos cuando salimos”, escribió la hermosa joven en Instagram, donde acumula casi cien mil seguidores.




Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



Lazy (after workout) Sunday's

Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



Victoria secret should have models in all sizes, not just just size zero what do you think? #VictoriaSecret

Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



Just finished movie night and cried like a baby during both movies You know those days when you just want to put on a sad movie and just cry? ️ (I think this is necessary for everyone once in a while to watch really sad meaningful movies and it will probably make you a better person, let out some emotions and cry to a really sad movie. Plus it makes you think about life and what actually truly matters.) If you do want to cry a little I have the perfect movies for you: 1. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Directed by Mark Herman, the film follows the friendship in 1945 between the son of a commandant in Germany and his Jewish friend who lives on the other side of the fence inside a concentration camp. Bruno, the German boy, does not yet understand that he is not allowed to be friend with the Jewish boy, what the concentration camp really is and what may happen to his new friend. (I cried like a baby) 2. A Little Bit of Heaven Directed by Nicole Kassell, the film is about a vibrant young woman who receives devastating news from her doctor. Instead of going into a depression, she uses humor to deal with her situation, and even falls in love, though she has terminal cancer and doesn’t know how much time she has left. (I cried like a baby) I thought a lot about my best friend who lost her father to cancer recently Fuck Cancer. Anyways bed time.. Goodnight beautiful people out there

Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el




Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



You can see who likes to spend time in the sun and who doesn't @misscassandrascott #SisterWorkout #SwedishBeefCake

Un vídeo publicado por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



Wear a bikini and nobody panics, Wear a bra and underwear and everyone loses their minds

Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



This living room view ️ #Colorado #Denver #Evergreen

Una foto publicada por Katarina Konow (@katarinakonow) el



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