¿De verdad eran mujeres? Estos HOMBRES trans enamorarían a más de una

La Kalle. Hombres transgénero / Foto: Instagram

Por su atractivo físico los han llenado de piropos.

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Hace unos días La Red Caracol contó la historia de amor de Danna Sultana, la cual sorprendió a televidentes y seguidores en redes sociales por la increíble transformación del novio de la modelo.


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En el programa revelaron que Esteban es transgénero y en los últimos años ha logrado verse físicamente como un hombre y llevarse los suspiros de más de una mujer.



 #transmen #transwoman #transgender #translove #transexual

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Así como él, hay otros alrededor del mundo, algunos de ellos conocidos por su increíble cambio y su atractivo físico.


Estos son algunos de ellos:


- Benjamin Melzer





- Aydian Dowling



“Did your dysphoria get better?”  Yes, it got better. For me, my dysphoria would grow and decrease in waves.  I was more concerned initially about how I looked and sounded. My Dysphoria was on Then I started hormones and I started feeling better in my body so my dysphoria went down.Then I had dysphoria again about my chest. Dysphoria again on After top surgery, I feel fucking awesome and my dysphoria drops.Now I have other types of dysphoria and a it’s a psychological game.  My dysphoria now is about how I am around other men, or treating other men, or how I am as a man- More about who I am and how I act with my body.  Dysphoria does get better but it comes in ebbs and flows- The closer I get to feeling good in my body and feeling good as ‘Aydian’- the less my Dysphoria is and the easier it is to handle when it does come up. How does your Dysphoria effect you? How do you cope? Excerpt from Transition Tuesday’s LIVE Question from @tristan.larsson Copy by @bradley_s__ #dysphoria #trans #transgender #translife #ftm #mtf #gnc #queer #queerlife #askaydian #aydiandowling #radicaloptimism #itgetsbetter

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- Buck Angel



Fearful. I used to be so fearful. Of walking outside. Of looking in peoples eyes. Of using the public toilet. Of speaking up for myself. Of my own shadow. Of looking in the mirror for fear of seeing a woman. Then I had the opportunity to transition from a female to a male. As I slowly started to feel the testosterone physically change me. As the testosterone started to make me feel calm and feel in my body, give me confidence. My posture changed. My eyes met yours. You met mine. We engaged as humans. You saw me for what I wanted you to see me as. Not only because of my physical change, what some like to call passing privilege, but my own self-love helped move me in this position. This idea that only some get this privilege is not true in my opinion. We all choose different ways to transition and one way is my way. To transition to a physical masculinity with the use of medical and hard work at the gym. This is not a privilege it is a choice. Totally different. Find what works for you and stick with it. Make change where you need to see it. I kept my vagina and challenged the world with my masculinity. Now the world sees men with vaginas. You do not have to conform, I did not and found my path and what works for me. Find yours! Stop looking and comparing to others because that is not you! I am very grateful for everything I have, including you!! #love Tranpa  photo: @killerandasweetthang

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Aging. Man. Transsexual. Does this make me wiser? Do I use my life experience to help show a younger generation that there is a future? I want to. I want to be a tranpa. I want to be a safe space for youngsters who feel lost. Youngsters who do not feel connected to a community that has redefined itself. I believe in the future of us. What I fear is that many youth who feel as I will be thrown under the bus because they are not following a new guideline that has removed what it feels is a threat. I fear that the youth who just want what I wanted will be told that it is not valid to feel like a man. That gender is not real. That making the choice I made is now derogatory and antiquated. That gender dysphoria is not real. This I fear. I once again will say my sex change saved my life and I feel a sense of obligation to be there for you. The ones who feel lost and are being told untruths. My story is truth. My story is fact. My heart is full of love and compassion. Every single one of us is valid. There is no one way to be and that is a fact. Learn this and grow. Stay focused on you. The universe will give you what you need. Love Tranpa photo: @allanamato

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Man. Masculine. Insecure. Exhausted. Aging. Trying so hard to just be in this world. Trying so hard to be a man. I could have told you what that meant twenty plus years ago when I decided to have a sex change. My idea of what it meant to be a man was just about how I looked to the world. I had no idea it also was about how I felt. Because I thought I did think like a man. But what does a man think like? We could probably discuss all the characteristics of course but what makes the way a man thinks different than the way a woman thinks? Has my brain changed to think like a man or has it always? Being a man today is the best thing ever but also I wonder has my brain become more masculine through the years? I cannot tell. I can see the way I have evolved with my opinions but did I always have opinions? Then I remember I was opinionated when I was in the female body but felt to insecure to say anything. Now in my male body I make my opinions known. Is that my male privilege or my confidence? Physical appearance is important to all of us. It somehow defines us. That is powerful. When you feel right in your physical body you can do so much more. Celebrating my gender has made me exhausted at times. Educating. Discussing. Fighting. Just so I can live in peace. This is why I am front and center when it comes to my gender fight. I have learned to love myself. When I used to hate myself. I am determined to leave this earth as the man I am suppose to be.  Tranpa Photo: @michaelvegas

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- Jake Graf:




SO excited that my feature script ‘Lavender’ has been selected for the @insideoutfestival Film Finance Forum in May.. ‘Lavender’ is one of only 2 UK films to make the cut, alongside my fellow @bafta and @britishfilminstitute mentorship alumni @ge0r91a  . Truly encouraging to have support from this great festival at which I have screened several times over the years! . . Off to Toronto with my ace producer @dee___rocks #transteam #writer #director #film #cool #feature #transgender #trans #beautiful #love #life #toronto #insideout #smile #dapper #lgbt #queer #ftm #mtf #travel #team #motivation #inspiration #hope #believe Thanks to @pgracephoto 

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- Ryan Cassata




- Shane:






- Laith Ashley








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