La reina que tiene diez cirugías NO ESTÉTICAS y sorprende por su belleza

La kalle Reina de belleza con cicatriz en la espalda y diez cirugías - Foto- Instagram victonation

La imágenes de su Instagram son virales en redes sociales.

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Dentro de ese mundo de la belleza y la moda no resulta raro encontrar imágenes retocadas con el fin de representar la perfección.


Sin embargo, Victoria Graham de 22 años, una estudiante de Maryland fue coronada Miss Frostburg 2017 recientemente - una cuidad de Estados Unidos -. Victoria una rubia, de test blanca y ojos claros tiene una cicatriz de 63, 5 centímetros a lo largo de toda la columna vertebral.


Victoria padece una enfermedad llamada Síndrome de Ehlers-Danlos que afecta al tejido conjuntivo de la piel. La reina ha pasado por diez operaciones en el cerebro y la columna vertebral solo para lograr mantenerse en pie.


Según, para Victoria no es fácil salir en bikini durante los concursos, pues su cicatriz se puede ver fácilmente. Ella ha dejado las cosas claras: no participa por vanidad, sino para sensibilizar sobre su enfermedad y demostrar que los demás no están solos, que ellos también pueden.




(one month post-surgery) I wish I could say that since the surgery I've been doing great, but unfortunately this is far from the truth. One month post surgery, am I nowhere near where I wish I could be - I am much further back on the road to recovery than my goal. I was warned of this - that one of the best military generals once had a single vertebrae operated on and spent an entire year bed bound; that a spinal recovery this large, this serious cannot be rushed - but I wish it could be. Unless you spend the days and nights with me, you will most likely not see the moments that I cringe from a movement that caused my new hardware to pinch ligaments in my back, you will most like not see the tears as I wake up in the middle of the night from treacherous pain, or the awful moments during the day when I simply cannot hold my body upright. It has been a difficult month, truly one of the most challenging of my entire life. I do my best to be transparent; to be honest with those who ask and open to show the harsh realities of this illness for better and for worse - some simply, unfortunately, cannot be seen, and that is the curse of an invisible illness. Despite being one of the slowest and most painful recoveries to date, it has caused me to miss moments of life that, at least for now, are heart breaking. From Christmas with my family, to the wedding of a close friend, even being forced to push back another semester of school - it is easy to feel forgotten, victimized, and lonesome as a result of this (and these surgeries) but one must keep in mind that while this month has gone by incredibly slow, further down the road, I will look back on this time in my life with with only a single tear of nostalgia, proud of what I overcame. So, one month post surgery, this is what I have to show - a 13" scar where unblemished skin once covered, surrounded by muscles that strain and cry out for relief, a body that struggles for physical strength, but the face of a warrior who refuses to give up. This is one month post-surgery #7.

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